Monday, Jul 1, 2013

Dentists who refer a new member to CDA and the ADA now can receive a $100 check from CDA and a $100 American Express gift card from the ADA.

The $200 total reward is part of the Member Get a Member campaign, which provides incentives for every CDA dentist who refers a new member to the tripartite membership (for a total of $1,000 maximum per referring member).

The combined campaign lasts through Sept. 30, after which time members will still receive $100 from CDA.

A growing ADA and CDA means greater recognition for the dental profession, more resources and support for members and a stronger voice in the policy arena in Washington D.C. and Sacramento. The incentive program is a result of CDA leadership reaching out to members for input on the program.

To receive credit for a referral, an applicant must add the name of the member who referred them to membership on a CDA membership application. The referring member may also enter the name of the dentist they referred on the recruiter’s form at Once the referred member pays their dues, the referral incentives are mailed to the referring dentist.

For more information on Member Get a Member, visit