Friday, Feb 1, 2013

We learned today that Delta Dental is planning to reduce reimbursement to its Premier Providers. CDA is now in contact with Delta to obtain details and clarification about this decision.

CDA reports that reductions will likely average 8 to 10 percent and may vary by region and provider. The reason for the reductions is not yet clear, but it is likely to be market pressures and a resultant effort to reduce the cost of the Premier plan for employers in order to keep it viable. The reductions will not go into effect immediately, but are intended to be implemented later this year.

CDA is aware that the rapidly changing dental benefits marketplace is creating significant competitive pressures for dentists. Through their Dental Benefits Research Task Force, CDA is working to better understand the forces behind these changes and seeking to identify strategies to support members in addressing these pressures in their practices.

We will provide any additional information about the changes to Delta Premier as soon as it becomes available.