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Contributing to the PAC allows you to have a voice WHERE YOU PRACTICE - not just where you live!

About San Francisco Dental Society Political Action Committee (SFDS PAC)

The SFDS PAC is the nonpartisan political action committee (PAC) of the San Francisco Dental Society established in 1994. The PAC's mission is to support candidates and elected officials who understand and embrace SFDS' philosophy, goals and vision for dentistry, oral health care, and the challenges of operating small businesses in San Francisco. Please consider a small investment in the future of dentistry!

San Francisco Dental Society PAC is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of four officers and six to eleven Board members. Each January 1, the President, President-elect, Immediate Past President and Legislative Chair of the SFDS join the PAC Board.

San Francisco Dental PAC Leadership

Irene Hilton, DDS, MPH - Chair
Donna Hurowitz, DDS - Secretary
Gail Duffala, DDS - Treasurer
Jeff Jang, DDS 
Natasha Lee, DDS 
Claudia, Masouredis, DDS, MPH
Carlos Nogueiro, DDS 

Erin Shah, DDS 
Dennis Song, DDS, MD


What Does the SFDS PAC Do?

The PAC's mission is to support candidates and legislators who understand and embrace SFDS' philosophy, goals and vision for dentistry, oral health care, and the challenges of operating small businesses in San Francisco by:

  • Directing contributions to pro-dentistry, pro-oral health, and pro-small business candidates seeking election to public offices in San Francisco, the California state legislature, and some select state-wide offices.
  • Educating dentists about the political process, and to help them become effective players in the political arena.
  • Providing interested members with advise on organizing local events for legislative candidates, and in collaboration with the SFDS Legislative Committee sponsor local events.
  • With colleagues on the SFDS Legislative Committee, meet with legislators to discuss issues important to San Francisco dentists.

What the SFDS PAC cannot do

The SFDS PAC cannot provide direct support/contributions toward issues or initiatives...only candidates.  

How Do I Contribute to the SFDS PAC?

Take part in our growing advocacy movement and help strengthen our political voice. There are several ways to make a contribution to the SFDS PAC:

  • Include a donation to SFDS PAC with your annual CDA membership dues invoice; renewal notices are mailed out in November each year, note $40 on the "voluntary contribution" line.
  • Contact SFDS at 415.928.7337 to make a donation via phone any time in the year - in other words, we will take your contribution via credit card over the phone today!
  • Complete this PAC Contribution Form and return it to the SFDS via email or fax!

Suggested contribution is $40, though the SFDS PAC welcomes larger contributions.  Contributions are not deductible for state or federal income tax purposes. 

Join Now

You are essential to the success of the Society’s legislative and political advocacy. As a member of SFDS PAC, you can make the difference.  Questions?   Please direct inquiries about the SFDS PAC to exec@sfds.org or call 415.928.7337 and a member of the PAC leadership will respond or call.  

Constitution & Bylaws of San Francisco Dental Society Political Action Committee (click here)

Time Commitments For PAC Board Service

Two (2) to three (3) meetings per year; a willingness to meet with candidates or legislators; occasional phone calls, letters or attendance at a fund-raising event.