You, as an SFDS member, have an opportunity to contribute your energy, knowledge or expertise for the betterment of your practice, organized dentistry, and the profession. Our goal is to identify and evaluate the strengths of all potential leaders so we can ensure individuals serve in positions where they can maximize their professional growth and fulfillment as well as best serve our membership and our profession.

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Committee work provides the pulse for responding to the ever-changing issues that we face today, a chance to anticipate needs, and an opportunity to shape our future. And, we'll make it easy for you to participate! In an effort to streamline, consolidate, and make better use of your time, email and teleconferencing are becoming the preferred communication tools as an adjunct to face-to-face meetings. It is the goal of the SFDS to provide opportunities for you to get involved in your professional organization, to keep you involved, and to respect your time so that no one has too cumbersome a job (including the president). We understand that you need the majority of your time for your business and your family. So...with that said...please consider becoming an active member of an SFDS committee.

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Community Dental Health Committee
Ethics Committee
Finance Committee
Governance Committee
Legislative Committee
Membership Committee
Nominating Committee
Peer Review Committee
Professional Development Committee

SFDS Committees Interest Form



Encourage and assist our members to provide community-based dental services and respond to special requests from community organizations. Promote the oral health of the community by participating in our Kindergarten School Screening Program, GKAS Day activities, Project Homeless Connect, CDA Cares, Job Shadow Program, Clinic by the Bay Dental Clinic, community health fairs, and our Annual Children’s Poster Contest. Are you specifically interested in community activities, children's dental health, and promoting public dental education and awareness? Do you want to nourish that altruistic nature of yours? Then join this committee!

Term & Commitment
One year renewable; expected to attend quarterly committee meetings, and additional meetings as called by the chair; participate in one or more community activities of the committee.

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Monitor issues/complaints brought forth against member dentists that may violate the CDA and ADA Code of Ethics. Help this committee to educate our member dentists about practicing dentistry within the Code of Ethics established by organized dentistry. Ethics is the foundation of our profession and working with this committee will help guide your clinical practice.

Term & Commitment
Two-year renewable; expected to attend all meetings called by the chair (face-to-face or conference call) to review complaints. Additional email communication may be necessary.

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Act in an advisory capacity to the Executive Committee, the board of directors and the Executive Director on matters pertaining to the funds of the Society. Receive and consider requests for funds and help prepare an annual budget for the Society. Do you like figures or want to know how your Society operates day-to-day with an eye to the future? Then this committee is for you!

Term & Commitment
Two-year, renewable; expected to attend 2-4 meetings a year FTF, conference call or via email.

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The governance committee provides for the board’s effectiveness and continuing development. Responsibilities include recommending to the board policies and processes designed to provide for effective and efficient governance by: reviewing and recommending a position description detailing responsibilities of and expectations for board members and the board chairperson; developing and recommending to the board a statement of the competencies and personal attributes currently needed on the board, to be used as a guideline for recruitment and selection of board members; advising management on plans for board education, including new member orientation, education of board members, and an annual board retreat; and overseeing the board’s self-assessment and improvement process every one or two years. The executive committee establishes the governance committee’s annual goals, specifying its principal work focus areas for the coming year.

Term & Commitment
The governance committee meets at least four times a year or when necessary at the call of the committee chair.  Meetings may be face-to-face (FTF) or via electronic methods as approved by California Corporate Code. The committee is comprised of five (5) members to include the secretary as chair of the committee-serving a 1-year term, two board members serving two-year staggered terms, the immediate past president serving a one-year term, and the CEO/executive director as a non-voting member of the committee.

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Stay informed on current state and local legislation that affects dentistry. Encourage legislators to see the dentistry side of issues. Meet legislators in Sacramento during CDA Legislative Day. Interest in politics, desire to understand, observe and influence the legislative process; impact the future of dentistry!

Term & Commitment
Two-year, renewable; expected to attend 2-3 FTF meetings a year, any advocacy days organized by the CDA, write a legislative/advocacy-related article for The Bridge, when called upon, participate in email advocacy campaigns on behalf of the Society.

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Conduct a continuous study and make recommendations for membership services provided by the SFDS. Review membership issues and plan activities, events and opportunities for member recruitment as well as member retention. Serve as ambassadors to newly elected members or as hosts for Social Hours. Do you enjoy meeting new colleagues? Would you like to promote the many benefits of membership? Then this committee is for you. We need your energy, enthusiasm and spirit!

Term & Commitment
Two-year, renewable; attend quarterly committee meetings, serve as Ambassadors of the Society, attend Quarterly Social Hours, evening General Membership meetings, Co-Host the Leadership/Membership Table at meeting, serve as Table Hosts at General Membership meetings, and be involved in additional membership related activities.

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The nominating committee, a committee of six (6) voting members, has the important task of recommending a slate of candidates for publication to the membership.  The committee recommends the most qualified members who will effectively carry out the duties of a given positions, nominating  directors, officers, delegates and alternate delegates, with one nominee selected by the committee for each open position for the coming calendar year.  The chair of the nominating committee is appointed by the president.  Members of the nominating committee are not eligible for consideration as officers.

Term & Commitment
The immediate past president serves a 1-year term, and the two (2) directors and three (3) general members appointed by the president serve 2-year alternating staggered terms that are renewable for a maximum of two additional terms.  The committee generally meets five (5) to six (6) times during April and May to review applications and conduct interviews of potential candidates.  Members of the committee are expected to attend all meetings.

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The purpose of the Peer Review system is to resolve disputes that may arise in the delivery of dental service to the public; in particular disputes regarding the quality or appropriateness of dental treatment. The committee is composed of SFDS member general practitioners with the ability to maintain objectivity, discretion and understanding. Committee members are appointed by the President in accordance with the Guidelines of the Council on Peer Review of the California Dental Association.

Qualifications:  All committee members, both general and specialty committees, must be CDA members, attend CDA calibration/training workshops as required, and are actively practicing dentistry. Each general and specialty peer review committee member must have practiced for a minimum of five years. (Specialists must have practiced in their specialty areas for a minimum of five years.)  Since experience is essential for review committees, if one member has only five years of practice experience, another member should have experience exceeding five years. All general and specialty peer review committee members are expected to fulfill the Council on Peer Review training requirements in order to participate in the peer review system.

Term & Commitment
Three-year, renewable; the committee meets at the direction of the Chair as needed. Meetings of the committee and the examination of patients are held at a designated office. All meetings of the committee are scheduled with CDA staff and are generally held on the first Monday of the month when there is a case to review.

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Arrange, present and promote the education programs sponsored by the Society, seeking Exhibitors/Sponsors to offset program costs. Lots of brainstorming power here; be in on the initial groundwork that it takes to put together the annual program calendar. If you attend numerous courses or none at all - we need your input. This is your opportunity to guide the educational direction presented to our membership. Fresh ideas and new and exciting speakers are just a few of the attractions of this committee.

Term & Commitment
Two-year, renewable; expected to attend all committee meetings, 4-6 per year, and attend each general membership/education meeting. Meetings are FTF and via conference call, with follow-up emails.

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Committee Chair & Vice-Chair

SFDS committee chairs & vice-chairs are appointed by the president of the San Francisco Dental Society, serve at the pleasure of the board and work with staff to achieve the organizational mission and committee objectives.

Committee chairs preside at all committee meetings. The primary role of a chair is to facilitate dialogue and develop consensus while managing available meeting time efficiently, to support recruitment, orientation and engagement of committee members, review, change or approve all committee meeting agendas drafted by staff, prepare all committee meeting minutes, or assign a committee member to compile.  SFDS staff will polish and distribute the minutes by email within one week of receiving draft minutes from the chair.  Committee chairs are expected to be familiar with the: SFDS mission, key result areas and objectives (from the strategic plan), committee work plan, committee membership roster, prepare an annual report to the Board and attend the annual orientation and strategic planning sessions.  Chairs must be accessible and provide counsel to staff on an as needed basis regarding necessary committee business.  Qualifications:  generally, committee chairs have previously served on the committee as a member or vice-chair, must have been a member of the SFDS for at least 2 years, and provided visible support to the organization.

Committee vice chairs preside at any committee meeting in which the chair is not present, are familiar SFDS Vision, Mission and Values (from the Strategic Plan), support the development of committee workplan to achieve board approved objectives, assist the chair in recruitment, orientation and engagement of committee members, if the chair is unavailable, review, change or approve all committee meeting agendas & minutes, if the chair is unable to attend, represent the committee at meetings, events or when called upon to attend a board meeting.  A vice chair is strongly encourages to attend the annual orientation and bi-annual board retreat.  Qualifications include being a current member of the committee, having been a member of the SFDS for at least 2 years, and having provided visible support to the organization.  A vice chair may ascend to the position of committee chair in the following year, unless the position is held by virtue of director/officer responsibility.

Term & Commitment
Two-year (2) renewable to a maximum of three (3) consecutive terms unless otherwise noted; expected to attend quarterly committee meetings, and additional meetings as called by the chair.

Committee chair or vice-chairs

  • Community Dental Health
  • Ethics
  • Governance
  • Legislative
  • Membership (2-year term, must be an SFDS Director)
  • Nominating
  • Peer Review (3-year term)
  • Professional Development (formerly Program Committee)

Committee Chair / Vice-Chair Volunteer Leadership Interest Form

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Our goal is to identify and evaluate the strengths of all interested applicants so we can assign individuals to positions where they can best serve our membership and our profession, as well as maximize their own professional growth and fulfillment. To help us achieve this goal, we ask that you:

Again, thank you for your SFDS Committees Interest Form and interest in serving your profession. CDA Trustee positions selected by separate process.