Delegate-Alternate Delegate Information/Application - Annual CDA House of Delegates (HOD)

Objective: The objective of a member of the SFDS delegation to CDA is to serve as the official representative of this Society to the CDA HOD & to endeavor at all times to fulfill duties in a manner which will promote the best interests of the CDA & its members. 

Qualifications: Must be an active, life, or retired member of the San Francisco Dental Society, with membership in good standing. Interest in the profession and the future of dentistry in California and San Francisco.  Ability to read and synthesize large amounts of materials, discuss, decide on a course of action and defend that position. Networking, mentoring and facilitation skills a plus.   

Delegates: The president-elect, president, immediate past-president, secretary & treasurer are generally expected to serve as delegates to the CDA House of Delegates, with remaining delegates & alternate delegates selected from sitting board members, though any active SFDS member in good standing is eligible for nomination & election to serve as a delegate. To ensure that a cross-section of representation & training occurs, the SFDS Board’s Strategic Plan Strategy “to foster new leaders within the SFDS by establishing a leadership pipeline” includes recruiting a minimum of one new delegate each year. 

Specific Responsibilities: The CDA house meets annually to set strategic direction on matters of dental policy & practice, elect officers of the association, establish membership dues, & act on recommendations to change CDA bylaws. Alternate delegates: If one or more of SFDS’s 8 CDA delegates is unable to attend the House of Delegates meeting, the alternate delegate(s) shall be called upon to replace the unavailable delegate(s). Alternate delegates receive the same meeting materials as the delegates. Delegates & alternate delegates commit to being available to attend the annual HOD either as a delegate or alternate delegate. 

Additional Obligations: 

  1. To read & become familiar with all meeting & background materials in advance of scheduled caucus meetings & HOD
  2. To participate in & contribute to a reference committee 
  3. To serve as a mentor to a freshman delegate/alternate delegate if requested 
  4. To attend all caucus, reference committee, house, planning & networking meetings while in Sacramento or Southern California (or virtually). 
  5. To serve on a reference committee, if called upon 
  6. To network, build new relationships & maintain contact with delegates from other components

Number of Delegates/Alternates: Currently, SFDS is allotted eight (8) delegates & up to eight (8) alternate delegates to the CDA House of Delegates. Note: The SFDS has fluctuated between 8 to 9 delegates, which is based on total year-end membership data. For 2020, the number of delegates was nine (9), for 2021 it is eight (8). . 

Term/Tenure: One-year terms. An unlimited number of terms may be served. 

Time Commitment: Approximately 32 hours per year. 

Meeting Schedule:

  1. The CDA house of delegates meets annually, rotating the meetings between Sacramento & a southern California city - due to COVID, the 2021 HOD will be Virtual, November 5 & 12, 2021.  
  2. The SFDS Pre-HOD Caucus Meeting is Thursday, August 19, 6:30 PM - 9 PM to discuss HOD action items, formulated strategy & to familiarize new delegates with the process. (Virtual) 
  3.  HOD Caucus Meeting, post-Reference Committee, Monday, November 8, 6:30 PM (Virtual) 


Please be sure to submit:

  1. A completed application
  2. Your curriculum vitae (CV), no more than 3 pages in Word or PDF format, minimum 10 pt. font. CVs may include information regarding leadership and volunteer experience, education, professional experience, membership in professional organizations and any special awards you believe are relevant to the position in which you are applying.  Please note that if your CV is longer than 3 pages, only the first 3 pages will be provided for consideration.

           Delegate/Alternate Delegate Application