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Volunteer for a committee and Be a Part of Something Great! 
Applications accepted October 1 - November 15, 2021 for 2022 Committee Opportunities


Committee work provides the pulse for responding to the ever-changing issues that we face today, a chance to anticipate needs, and an opportunity to shape our future. And, we'll make it easy for you to participate!  In an effort to streamline, consolidate, and make better use of your time, virtual meetings, in addition to email and teleconferencing, are becoming the preferred communication tools as an adjunct to face-to-face meetings. It is the goal of the SFDS to provide opportunities for you to get involved in your professional organization, to keep you involved, and to respect your time so that no one has too cumbersome a job (including the president). We understand that you need the majority of your time for your practice and your family. So...with that said...please consider becoming an active member of an SFDS committee.

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Community Dental Health Committee
Ethics Committee
Finance Committee
Legislative Committee
Membership Engagement Committee
Nominating Committee
Professional Development Committee
Task Forces

SFDS Committees Interest Form


Encourage members to provide community-based dental services in response to special requests from the community. Promote oral health by participating in our Kindergarten School Screening Program, GKAS Day activities, Project Homeless Connect, community health fairs, and our Annual Children’s Poster Contest. Are you specifically interested in community activities, children's oral health, and promoting public dental education and awareness? Do you want to nourish that altruistic nature of yours? Then join this committee and Be a Part of Something Great!

Term & Commitment
Two-year renewable; attend quarterly committee meetings, and additional meetings as called by the chair; participate in one or more community activities of the committee.

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ETHICS COMMITTEE (currently not accepting new volunteers)

Educate members about ethics and keep the pulse on current ethics issues; receive and review ethics complaints. 

Term & Commitment
Two-year renewable; attend all meetings called by the chair, face-to-face or virtual, to review complaints. Additional email communication may be necessary.

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Acts in an advisory capacity to the executive director, executive committee, the board of directors on matters pertaining to the funds of the Society. Receive and consider requests for funds and help review/prepare an annual budget for the Society.  Do you like figures or want to know how your Society operates with an eye to the future? Then this committee is for you!

Term & Commitment
Two-year, renewable; expected to attend 2-4 meetings a year FTF, virtual or via email.

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If you have an interest in good government and local legislation and advocacy, join the SFDS Legislative Committee.  Exchange information with committee members and with other SFDS members on local legislation that affects dentistry, public health, small business, and patients. Forge and maintain relationships with individual local and state legislators. 

Term & Commitment
Two-year, renewable; 2-3 evening meetings per year; 1-2 days per year for CDA Advocacy Day or visits to a local City/County elected leaders' and state legislators' offices; occasional articles for The Bridge or correspondence with a legislator or local City/County elected leader. 

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Bring your energy, enthusiasm, and spirit to engage and welcome dentists to membership and retain established members. Assist new dentists in transitioning to active membership in organized dentistry. Represent the Society to students at both San Francisco dental schools to promote the value of membership in their professional association. Be a Part of Something Great!

Term & Commitment
Two-year, renewable; partnering with SFDS board leadership, serve as ambassadors of the society, host quarterly Social Hours, greet new members at SF meetings and events, participate in 3-4 committee meetings a year. Be a Part of Something Great! 

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The nominating committee, a committee of six (6) voting members, has the important task of recommending a slate of candidates for publication to the membership.  The committee recommends the most qualified members who will effectively carry out the duties of a given positions, nominating  directors and officers, with one nominee selected by the committee for each open position for the coming calendar year.  The chair of the nominating committee is appointed by the president.  Members of the nominating committee are not eligible for consideration as officers.

Term & Commitment
The immediate past president serves a 1-year term, and the two (2) directors and three (3) general members appointed by the president serve 2-year alternating staggered terms that are renewable for a maximum of two additional terms.  The committee generally meets five (5) to six (6) times during April and May to review applications and conduct interviews of potential candidates. Members of the committee are expected to attend all meetings.

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Plan and oversee CE and educational seminars offered by the SFDS, apart from California Dental Board mandated courses. Be a leader on a committee that provides high quality professional development programs and speakers that appeal to and serve members’ needs. Be a Part of Something Great!

Term & Commitment
Two-year renewable; participate in 4-6 committee meetings a year and attend education events & meetings to inspire interactions among members during programs.  Meetings are virtual, FTF and via conference call.

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Task forces  are one year only; they will have an assignment and.or task to do as defined by the board of directors and report back to the board with the solution, results and, or, proposal.  Task forces are assigned by the board as needed throughout the year.   

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Our goal is to identify and evaluate the strengths of all interested applicants so we can assign individuals to positions where they can best serve our membership and our profession, as well as maximize their own professional growth and fulfillment. To help us achieve this goal, we ask that you:

  • Submit this On-line SFDS Committees Interest Form
  • Provide a list of your accomplishments in a C.V. (not to exceed 3 pages) by email to (or fax to 415-928-5297).  Please note that if your CV is longer than 3 pages, only the first 3 pages will be provided for consideration. 

Again, thank you for your SFDS Committees Interest Form and interest in serving your profession. CDA Trustee positions selected by separate process.