CDA develops and distributes sets of required postings for dental offices. These easy-to-display poster sets contain the specific health, safety and employee rights information required by state and federal agencies.  

To ensure members have current and accurate postings, CDA regularly reviews and updates these sets. A new poster set for 2023–2024 has been developed and will be available the month of April 2023, reflecting the latest federal and state regulations and compliance requirements.

Please note: Until the new 2023-24 required poster sets are mailed (April 2023), members may print the posters themselves here: Required Postings in a Dental Office - CDA 


CDA will mail practice owners one poster set at no charge. Member dentists who have more than one dental practice will be able to purchase additional poster sets from the Practice Support Store when the new 2023-2024 poster sets become available for a member price of $30 each.  CDA members are encouraged to check their online profile to verify the correct and preferred mailing address and practice ownership.  


To see a complete list of required employment postings, refer to the Required Postings in a Dental Office – CDA.  Have questions about your poster set or need one right away? Email: or call 800.232.7645


San Francisco Citywide Labor Laws and Required Posters, including Minimum Wage Posters, Paid Sick Leave Poster, Consideration of Salary History Ordinance, Understanding the COVID-Related Employment Protections Ordinance, Fair Chance Ordinance, Health Care Security Ordinance, Paid Parental Leave Ordinance, Family Friendly Workplace Ordinance, and more.