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Governance in professional associations is a system for oversight, decision-making, and accountability to the membership and the mission of the Society.  You, as an SFDS member, have an opportunity to contribute your energy, knowledge or expertise for the betterment of our organization and our profession.  Applications accepted from March 15 - April 30 of each year, for subsequent year's positions.          

Leadership Positions

CDA Trustee(s)

SFDS Leadership Interest Form  Submission deadline is April 30.
SFDS Conflict of Interest Form
SFDS Board Member Acknowledgement Form

Officers/Executive Committee


An individual completing the SFDS Leadership Interest Form (LIF) for president elect must have 3 fully completed years of previous board service to qualify as a candidate to run for president-elect. The president-elect automatically ascends to the presidency, serves on the board of directors, the executive committee, the professional development committee and the finance committee.

The secretary of the Society serves as an officer and member of the executive committee and the board of directors, as well as chair of the governance committee and a member of the membership committee.

The treasurer of the Society serves as the chief financial officer of the Society and a member of the executive committee and board of directors. Additionally, the treasurer chairs the finance committee and serves as a member of the professional development committee.

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Board of Directors
The SFDS has 9 - 11 directors, serving 2-year staggered terms so that no more than sixty percent (60%) of the Directors are elected each year. The board of directors is the governing body of the Society, vested with full power to conduct all business of the Society, exercised by or under its authority, subject to the laws of the State of California, the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of this Society. All directors serve on an SFDS committee(s), with two directors serving a 2-year term on the nominating committee and one director serving a 2-year term on the membership committee. Directors, in addition to fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities are the Society's ambassadors and, as such, are expected to participate in Society-related meetings and events.  Directors and officers are expected to attend 4 board meetings a year and may be asked to serve as a delegate and/or alternate delegate to the annual CDA House of Delegates.  

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CDA Trustee(s)
The trustee(s) of the Society serve on the CDA board of trustees (BOT), as well as members of the SFDS executive committee and board of directors. Meeting attendance: all CDA BOT, all SFDS executive committee meetings, all SFDS board of directors meetings. Representatives on the board of trustees of the California Dental Association serve in accordance with the Bylaws of the California Dental Association.

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Our goal is to identify and evaluate the strengths of all interested applicants so we can assign individuals to positions where they can best serve our membership and our profession, as well as maximize their own professional growth and fulfillment. To help us achieve this goal, we ask that you:

  • Submit this online form by April 30 On-line SFDS Leadership Interest Form
  • Provide a list of your accomplishments in a C.V. (not to exceed 3 pages) by email to (or fax to 415-928-5297) - by April 30.  Please Note:  If your CV is longer than 3 pages, only the first 3 pages will be provided for consideration. 

Note: Only president-elect can apply for president.  Applicants for president-elect must have 3 fully completed years of previous board service to qualify as a candidate to run for president-elect.

Again, thank you for your SFDS Leadership Interest Form and interest in serving your profession. CDA trustee positions selected by separate process.

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Each year every board member and volunteer leader must read the SFDS Conflict of Interest (COI) & Confidentiality Policy Document, below, and agree to comply fully with its terms and conditions.  If you become aware of any actual or potential conflicts of interest at any time following the submission of this form, or if the information provided becomes inaccurate or incomplete, you are required to promptly notify the SFDS CEO, President or Board of Directors of SFDS in writing.

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Each year, each board member will complete and sign the SFDS Board Member Acknowledgement.

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