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SFDS Advocacy On Your Behalf

SFDS advocates for you, your practice, and the oral health of the community.  Here is what we've been doing: 

  • Successfully advocated for San Francisco dentists to receive the CV-19 Vaccine from SFPDH
  • Secured and distributed over 33,000 masks, 6,600 shields and 33,000 gowns to San Francisco dentists
  • Successfully advocated for preventive oral health/dental care to resume 
  • Successfully advocated for the  the “testing requirement” to be a "recommendation" as a condition to treat patients
  • Successfully advocated for "flexibility" in how and where the dental team met the N95 fit-testing requirement
  • Helped pass the Sugary Drinks Distributor Tax – Prop V Ballot Measure, participating in City-wide activities with local elected officials and supervisors, helped develop criteria for serving on the SDDT Advisory Committee, testified before the Board of Supervisors.  

  • SF Kids VS. Big Tobacco – Supported NO on Prop C 2018-2019
  • Supported ban on sale of flavored tobacco in San Francisco 2017

  • The San Francisco Dental Society opposed Public Works Code 173C requiring street level businesses to place ashtrays outside entrances, while supporting regulations that prohibited smoking within a designated radius of the entrances of certain businesses, especially healthcare facilities.

  • Worked successfully with the City for eighteen months in crafting a wastewater discharge permit program prior to program implementation in August 2003. This successful stakeholder process between the SFPUC BERM and the San Francisco Dental Society helped San Francisco's Dental Offices, as good environmental stewards, to collaborate in the virtual elimination of amalgam waste discharges to the sewer system and a waiving of permitting fees. Held Amalgam Separator Fair with SFPUC/Vendors.


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