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March 10, 2021
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM



San Francisco CA, 94123

Virtual Meeting

SFDS welcomes Dr. Mark Ryder to present research on Perio & Systemic/Chronic Inflammatory Diseases. Receive 2 CEU.

Topics will include:

a. Our current state of knowledge of the link between periodontal diseases and systemic diseases with
special emphasis on the new information on links between periodontal diseases and Alzheimer's Disease.
b. How we can incorporate this new information into dental practice.
c. How we can respond to patient questions regarding the possible connections between their
periodontal health and their overall health.







Early Bird Pricing
(Through Mar 3, 2021)

Standard Pricing

Late Pricing
(Starts Mar 9 at Noon;
Subject to Availability)

SFDS/SFMMS Member $49 $59 $69
CDA/ADA Member Dentist $59 $69 $79
Non-Member Doctor $99 $109 $119
Staff/Guest $49 $59 $69
Dental Students* $0 $0 $0


*Dental Students must still pre-register for the course by clicking on the "Register Now" button above. Attendance is still subject to availability.